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LocatorOne - GPS Tracker, GSM Car Immobilizer and Alarm for vehicles. Satellite tracker, GSM Car Immobilizer and Alarm via cell-phone, no monthly fee, for cars and motorcycles.

Now SUPER: Security equipment for your car or motorcycle: alarm, immobilizer and tracker system in a single product, without monthly fees!

Alarm, Immobilizer and Tracker system - SUPER 1609 is the most modern and com-plete security equipment of the market, ensuring security for your car in all situations. Designed with advanced technology, the SUPER is able to immobilize the vehicle from distance and inform where your car is, if it is stolen. It's simple, practical and easy to use and can be installed in any car or motorcycle.

SUPER has the three functions of security equipments of the market in a single product! Check out:

Alarm function:
If someone is messing with your car or motorcycle, the SUPER calls you and goes on blinkers and siren voice to warn everyone.

Immobilizer Function:
SUPER immobilizes your car or your motorcycle every time you turn off the vehicle. So when you leave the car parked on the street, you'll have peace of mind and your car protected. If your vehicle is stolen in transit / movement, you call SUPER and it immobilizes the engine, anytime, from anywhere in the whole Brazilian territory. Just call SUPER and your car will stop.
Tracker Function:
Knows exactly where your car is at any time, without paying monthly fees! Besides the functions of alarm and immobilizer, the SUPER has the last generation of tracking system: it shows the exact location of car or motorcycle by a computer, with a simple phone call. Simply call SUPER and you will know exactly where your car is.
  • Tracking Function by SMS
    Just call to the number of your sim card installed in SUPER and the equipment will send you a text message - SMS, with the exact location (latitude and longitude) of the car or the motorcycle, allowing the location of vehicle by computer, easily and in real time. Enter the coordinates (latitude and longitude) on LocatorOne website ( or on any other webmap on the Internet - as Google, for ex-ample, from any computer, and you're done! You will see on the computer screen the exact position of your car or your motorcycle, in real time. Take the test at the top right column of this page and see how SUPER works.

  • Voice Tracking Function – SUPER will talk to you ! (Unprecedented in the country)
    If you prefer SUPER will tell you what the position of your vehicle is, when you call it. You will hear the information of the location (latitude and longitude), vehicle speed, and the date and time of the request. With these data, just access the internet and locate your car!
  • GPS Technology satellite location - exact location;
  • Allows immobilization of the car or motorcycle, from anywhere, by phone;
  • Location of car or motorcycle, through a simple phone call from any phone (collect call, mobile or public phones);
  • Online position with detailed information of location;
  • Access via the Internet from any computer;
  • Fast and simple installation, without changing the originality of the car or motorcycle;
  • Can be used in cars and motorcycles of any type of fuel (diesel, gas, alcohol and gaso-line);
  • Can be transferred to another vehicle;
  • Microphone: enables to hear what is happening inside the car, through a microphone installed on the vehicle;
  • Works in the whole country where there is GSM coverage;
  • Comfort and convenience: the phone triggers the command to raise windows and lock the car doors.

  • Discreet equipment and without external accessories.
  • Alarm, immobilizer and tracker system into a single product;
  • Equipment with no monthly fees;
  • Operation via phone call;
  • It is possible to immobilize the vehicle remotely from anywhere in Brazil;
  • Exact position of the vehicle via satellite - GPS;
  • Program two phone numbers in the equipment to notify the owner in the following sit-uations: if the alarm fires, if someone tries to turn the vehicle on, or if someone try to cut the main battery;
  • Uninterrupted attempt to call to the owner;
  • It can be installed in any car, including models with original alarm, connecting to it;
  • Does not modify the originality of the car;
  • Fast and simple installation;
  • In case of vehicle exchange, can be reinstalled in the new vehicle;
  • It is the smallest immobilizer alarm and tracking system of the market;
  • Works in the whole country where there is GSM coverage;
  • It has password access, preventing incorrect calls or mistakes to have an effect on the equipment;
  • Possibility of using GSM SIM card from any carrier (except VIVO).

  • PVC high quality Cabinet;
  • Electric wiring and connector with locker;
  • Supply voltage output (Siren): 12 VDC;
  • Current consumption in output (Siren): 0.8 A;
  • Supply voltage output (Blinkers): 12 VDC;
  • Electric wiring connector and fuse of 10 A in energy input;
  • Operating temperature: 0°C -60° C;
  • Dimensions: 99 x 59 x 26 mm.

See how SUPER works - Locate the car of LocatorOne
Fill in the columns up with latitude and longitude coordinates sent by SUPER installed in the car of LocatorOne, in Campinas - SP:


Click ok and see exactly where the car is!
LocatorOne customers may choose to buy on Internet. Our products are available in major sales sites in the country. Just click on the links below for price information or to buy online the Alarm Immobilizer and Tracker System - SUPER ABR 1609!
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