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LocatorOne - GPS Tracker, GSM Car Immobilizer and Alarm for vehicles. Satellite tracker, GSM Car Immobilizer and Alarm via cell-phone, no monthly fee, for cars and motorcycles.

High technology working for security
Innovation, security, full portability and economy. These are some characteristics of the multifunctional alarm immobilizer with no monthly fee of LocatorOne. Besides offering the functions of a conventional alarm system, the new vehicular security equipment is also able to immobilize the car in emergency situations by telephone. The GSM Alarm Immobilizer operates in several modes of burglary or car theft, stationed or in transit.

No monthly fees: GSM ensure cost saving
LocatorOne alarm and immobilizer also avoids the use of monitoring services. With this, the owner doesn’t spend on monthly fees. Simply buy a GSM mobile phone SIMMCard of any carrier. The sim card must be authorized by the owner prior to the installation of the equipment. The owner must call the sim card number to activate the immobilizer, one of the many resources provided by the Alarm Immobilizer Zero BL 1509 with no monthly fees.

Alarm System: blinkers, siren and calls the owner
If any thief tries anything in your parked car, the GSM Alarm Immobiliser notifies you immediately by phone. The alarm goes off, the siren starts playing and the immobilizer calls you up at two preset numbers and it will not give up until you answer one of the calls. This is possible due to unprecedented alarm immobilizer feature that allows up consecutive calls to two phone numbers, fixed or mobile, programmed by the owner of the equipment. If the attempted theft still continues the vehicular Alarm Immobilizer will keep immobilizing the car operation, until the owner triggers a secret button.

Automatic alarm immobilization
The automatic alarm immobilization goes into action every time the driver turns off the car, which will only return to start if the secret button is pressed.

Immobilize the car by phone
When the car is stolen in transit the system allows the owner to remotely immobilize the engine from anywhere in the Brazilian territory. This is possible because when typing a command on the phone, the car owner triggers the device to stop the flow of fuel to the engine, which stops working. The system can be activated with calls from fixed phones, mobile phones or public phones. Acess passwords, which only the owner knows, prevent the system to be activated erroneously or accidental by unplanned calls. Another function of the LocatorOne GSM Alarm Immobilizer is that it allows the car's owner to trigger even throw distance the blinkers and a voice siren which sends the message “Attention, this vehicle has being stolen, please call 190”. The siren serves as a robbery inhibition device and make it easier for the police to localize the stolen car.

Internal microphone and output to power windows and power door lockers
The vehicular alarm immobilizer allows even hear the conversation of the thieves inside the car. It is very useful resource for obtaining information as the location where the stolen car was left after the immobilization of the engine. Another feature available is the system that locks the cars’ doors and activates the windows lifters. This resource can be activated, for example, if the owner forgets the keys inside the vehicle.

  • Alarm and immobilizer functions in one single product;
  • Local alarm triggered with opening and closing driver's door system; - Automatic im-mobilization after turning off the car;
  • Immobilize by phone - if the car is stolen in transit, the owner calls the Immobilizer and cuts the engine operation;
  • Firing the blinkers and voice siren, simultaneously cutting power of the fuel pump;
  • Notice by telephone: If anyone tries to steal the car while parked, the immobilizer no-tifies the owner by telephone;
  • Valet function;
  • Internal microphone enables to hear what is happening inside the car, through a mi-crophone installed in the vehicle;
  • Comfort and convenience: trigger by the phone the command to raise windows and lock the car doors.

  • Alarm and Immobilizer with no monthly fee;
  • Operation by phone call;
  • Program two phone numbers on the equipment so it will notify the owner in case of alarm triggers or attempt to turn on the car;
  • Continuous attempt to call the owner;
  • You can immobilize the car remotely from anywhere in Brazil;
  • It can be installed in any car, including models with original alarms, connecting to it;
  • It is the smallest alarm immobilizer of the market;
  • Fast and simple installation;
  • It does not modify the originality of the car;
  • In the case of vehicle exchange it can be reinstalled in the new vehicle;
  • It works anywhere in the country where there is GSM coverage;
  • Possibility of using a GSM chip from any carrier (except VIVO).

  • PVC quality Cabinet;
  • Electric wiring and connector with lock;
  • Supply voltage output (Siren): 12 VCC;
  • Current consumption in output (Siren): 0.8 A;
  • Supply voltage output (blinkereshers): 12 VCC;
  • Electric wiring with connector and 10 A fuse in the energy input;
  • Operating temperature: 0 - 60 ° C;
  • Dimensions (mm): 99 x 59 x 26 mm.


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LocatorOne - GPS Tracker, GSM Car Immobilizer and Alarm for vehicles. Satellite tracker, GSM Car Immobilizer and Alarm via cell-phone, no monthly fee, for cars and motorcycles.
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